Frequently asked questions

Spice currently supports Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain data and Sushiswap, Uniswap-V2, and Uniswap-V3 smart-contract data. We also have NFT and token specific tables.
We have plans to add many more chains and contracts prioritized by user feedback, along with other sources of data like more Prices. We expect to add Solana next.
For the all-up list, see Datasets and follow the Release notes for progress.

Spice is currently in beta and it's free to get an API key.
We plan to always have a free tier and offer free APIs, like the Gas Fees API.
For customers who need higher request or query limits, service guarantees, or priority support we plan to offer high-value paid tiers based on usage.

During the beta, we offer best-effort support in our Discord. If you'd like higher priority support or are interested in becoming a Design Partner, please let us know.

We currently use an Apache Calcite based query engine and support the ANSI SQL standard.

Most likely, yes! Hit us up on Discord and we can work with you to add new views/tables. And the ability to create private custom tables is on our roadmap.

WebSocket support is available for Design Partners. Apache Arrow over gRPC streaming is on our roadmap.

Not yet, but it is on our roadmap.

Not yet, but it is on our roadmap.
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