Welcome to Spice

Welcome to the Spice documentation!
Spice is a high-performance web3 data provider and platform for applications, machine learning (ML), and data science. It's built and supported by the team at Spice AI.
Obtaining blockchain and smart-contract data is hard.
For data in a format and quantities that's useful, you have to:
  • 😓 build and operate archive node and data infrastructure
  • 😓 understand and call JSON RPC APIs and smart-contract ABIs
  • 😓 manage 10s of TBs of data
Spice makes it easy.
With Spice, you can query real-time and historical blockchain data using SQL in seconds and fetch results in JSON or Apache Arrow for easy use with apps, ML, or libraries like NumPy and Pandas.
Spice currently supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, and Flow blockchains along with datasets for NFTs, DeFi, DEXs, ENS, Prices, and more.
Spice also includes high-RPS hosted RPC Nodes.
Take it for a spin, and try out the getting started guide.
Feel free to ask any questions or queries to the team in Discord.