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In beta, Spice has a number of limitations, including:

Global API Limits

  • 10 apps per account.
  • 10 request-per-second (rps).
  • 90-second request/query timeout.
  • 500 row limit for HTTP API results (use the Apache Arrow API for no limit).

Guest API Limits - No API Key

  • 4 request-per-minute SQL API limit.
  • 10 row result limit.
Apache Flight Endpoint
  • API Key (provided as gRPC password) is always required.
SQL Query Limits
  • 3 concurrent-requests.

Data Limitations (as of June, 2022)

  • DEX (Sushiswap, Uniswap, etc) pool data is limited to the last three months and tracking the top 1000 pools by TVL/Market Cap.
  • 128-bit integer limit (while data can be uint256). We include both the 128-bit DECIMAL(38) type and _hex fields where the type is 256-bit.
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