Release notes Release notes

July 2022

Spice supports querying Bitcoin data in addition to the existing Ethereum datasets.
Read more on the Spice AI blog.
  • Support for fundamental Bitcoin datasets
    • btc.blocks / btc.recent_blocks
    • btc.transactions / btc.recent_transactions
    • btc.transaction_inputs / btc.recent_transaction_inputs
    • btc.transaction_outputs / btc.recent_transaction_outputs
  • Example Bitcoin Queries for querying Bitcoin data.

June 2022

This update includes a new Javascript/Typescript SDK for Node.js, an improved Python SDK, and performance improvements for Ethereum tokens and NFT datasets.
Ethereum Name Service (ENS) support is also available in beta with the new dataset.
Read more on the Spice AI blog.
  • Improved Python SDK
  • ENS support in beta
  • Improved performance for eth.tokens_ and eth.nft_ prefixed tables

May 2022

Spice now has some of the best automated token standard detection for erc20, erc721, and erc1155 tokens available. Tokens are detected by their signatures and as they emit events over time, so Spice provides a probability of standards compliance to each contract. Along with this support are now token-specific tables like eth.tokens_erc1155 and eth.token_transfers_erc20. See the entire list Tokens Tables.
Performance is now even better, especially for larger queries, and for results over the HTTP API. We still recommend the Apache Arrow Flight API that's easily accessible via the Python SDK for production use though.
WebSocket support is now available in private preview to Design Partners - get in touch if you are interested in custom limits, early access features, and dedicated support.


  • Improved Ethereum standard detection for erc20, erc721, and erc115 tokens
  • Added new token specific tables
    • eth.tokens_erc20
    • eth.tokens_erc721
    • eth.tokens_erc1155
    • eth.token_transfers_erc20
    • eth.token_transfers_erc721
    • eth.token_transfers_erc1155
  • Added new columns to eth.token_transfers table
    • token_standard
    • token_id
  • Added new columns to eth.contracts table
    • erc20_confidence
    • erc721_confidence
    • erc1155_confidence
    • is_erc1155
  • eth.nft_ tables now include erc1155 tokens

Apr 2022

Spice is now hosted at! And with this release Spice is now 100% data complete! We also have new combined documentation at, new NFT specific tables like nft_transfers and nft_airdrop_transfers, significantly improved erc721 detection, and higher data integrity.


  • Now hosted at
  • Now 100% data complete on core Ethereum tables
  • Refreshed documentation site at
  • Added input field to the transactions table
  • Added data, topics, block_timestamp fields to the logs table
  • Added block_timestamp and block_hash to the token_transfers table

Breaking Changes

  • The receipts table fields have been moved to the transactions table with prefix receipt_. The told receipts table has been removed.
  • receipts.cumulative_gas_usedtransactions.receipt_cumulative_gas_used
  • receipts.gas_usedtransactions.receipt_gas_used
  • receipts.contract_addresstransactions.receipt_contract_address
  • receipts.roottransactions.receipt_root
  • receipts.effective_gas_pricetransactions.receipt_effective_gas_price

Mar 2022

More improvements to performance and data completeness. Now 99.99% complete for Ethereum base types.
Significantly improved erc721 detection and now include new nft specific tables including eth.nft_contracts, eth.nft_transfers and eth.nft_airdrop_transfers.


  • Improved erc721 detection, now with 28,000+ erc721 rows
  • Adds eth.nft_contracts table
  • Adds eth.nft_transfers table
  • Adds eth.nft_airdrop_transfers table
  • Adds eth.recent_blocks table which holds the latest 100 blocks
  • More improvements to query performance
  • Now at 99.99% data complete

Feb 2022

Significant upgrades in performance and data completeness. Adds the ability to query Ethereum, Sushiswap, and Uniswap data with SQL. Adds an Apache Flight endpoint.


  • Adds SQL query
  • Adds Sushiswap, Uniswap-V2, and Uniswap-V3 liquidity data
  • Adds Apache Flight endpoint
  • Adds management portal
  • Significantly improved performance with the ability to query across real-time and historical data

Jan 2022

Initial release of the Spice beta!


  • The Initial release of the Spice Private Beta!
  • Adds /eth/v0.1/gasfees API.
  • Adds /eth/v0.1/contracts API.
  • Adds /v0.1/prices API.